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Friday, February 12, 2010

Post the Pesto!

The other night I had some basil to use up so I googled basil and ran with it. This is what I got

put in a blender:

soaked nuts (most people use pine nuts but Matthew is alergic so I use soaked almonds)
1 clove of garlic
salt pepper

begin to blend
slowly add in olive oil

blend till smooth

I marinated some shrimp in this and then put it over angel hair pasta.


  1. This sounds so good too! Did you just happen to have soaked almonds around? How long must a nut soak in order to be labeled "soaked"?

  2. Yes, I just happened to have a soaked nut laying around...Matthew had been in the bath for about an hour!JK....We LOVE soaked almonds. we throw them in salads and cereal and stuff. I put some to soak the night before but a couple of hours will work...they won't go prunny if they're in to long...which leads to another question, why don't pruns go prunny if they soak to long?