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Monday, February 1, 2010

Swedish Muesli

This is a great recipe to spice up breakfast in the morning. You can get most of these items in the bulk section of the health food store which makes it really affordable!
2 Lb organic oats
1/4 LB shaved coconut
1/4 LB craisins
1/4 Lb Dates
1/4 Lb flax seeds
1/4 LB wheat bran
1/4 Lb wheat germ
1/4 lb bran flakes
1/4 lb nuts
1/4 LB dried fruit
1/4 of the kitchen sink

Mix everything together in a big Ziploc bag adding whatever your family likes or is on sale at the store. Cover with Kefir or an organic drinkable yogurt with live cultures.


  1. Will I be as skinny as Matthew if I eat this for breakfast every morning?

  2. Will this recipe work if I substitute 1/8 of the kitchen sink for 1/4? Scott already put 3/4 of ours in a soup a few weeks ago.

  3. I suppose whatever you have will work. It just adds such great texture that I prefer 1/4 but your taste might be different.....ps, can I get that recipe for your soup? It sounds divine!

  4. pam - I wish, i've been eating it for weeks (and I still love it) but haven't lost a pound....dang him!